What Is a Fraternal Benefit Society?

As a provider of fraternal financial services, Modern Woodmen touches lives with more than financial products. Members have access to many benefits, as well as social and volunteer opportunities. 

Facts About Fraternals 

  • Fraternal organizations began in the United States in the 1800s. Today more than 10 million people are members of fraternal organizations. 
  • Each year, fraternals and their members donate millions of dollars and volunteer hours to good causes. 
  • Members often share a common bond such as an ethnic, religious or occupational background. Modern Woodmen members are joined by three common bonds: financial security for families, quality family life and community impact. 
  • Fraternal benefit societies conduct fraternal programs, are not for profit, have a representative form of government, have a system of local lodges (Modern Woodmen’s are called chapters) and provide insurance, along with other member benefits. 
  • The American Fraternal Alliance is an excellent resource for more information on fraternals. 

Fraternalism at Modern Woodmen 

Through member benefits, Modern Woodmen’s fraternal spirit shines through. Helping members achieve quality of life is at the core of everything we do. 

  • For you and yours, we offer ways to get help when you need it, to find resources for your family and to keep you physically, emotionally and financially healthy. 
  • For communities, we offer opportunities to make an impact, to belong to a social group and to spend time with your family. 
  • For children, we offer a place to belong, a way to learn volunteerism and a time to have fun. 

As a leading fraternal organization, Modern Woodmen is a strong example of what a fraternal can accomplish.