Welcome to the former Modern Woodmen Bank Website 


Deposit Accounts and Debit Cards

For information on your deposit accounts and your Mastercard® debit cards, please click on the

link www.axosbank.com to be directed to Axos Bank’s website or call 888-502-2967.



Credit Cards

For information on your Visa® credit cards, please call 800-883-0131 or please click on the link

www.MyCardStatement.com to be directed to TCM Bank N.A.’s online account management website. 

You can enroll your account number at www.MyCardStatement.com to view your account balance,

make payments, enroll in paperless statements and much more. 



Mortgage Loans

For information on your mortgage loans, please click on the link https://midwestloanservices.com/

to be directed to Midwest Loan Service’s website or call 800-262-6574.



It has been an honor serving you since 2003.